All our artisans come from different part of Morocco.

    We mainly work with coops just outside of Marrakech, specially for product such as Beni ourain Rugs or our moroccan pom pom blankets. The leather poufs are handmade in Fez area.

    Making rugs is a very old family tradition. Women all around the Atlas Mountains still produce them using the same techniques that have been passed down in their culture for generations. 

    Fruits of weavers’ imagination and genuine works of art, comparable to abstract paintings, some of those rugs are rare and were almost unknown in the market until the 90's. From Paris to USA and Tokyo, many galleries exhibit carpets as artworks. Their originality and immense strength in terms of graphics have deeply inspired artists such as Matisse, Paul Klee and Le Corbusier. However, most of these artisans were only selling to a limited local market, because they lack the resources to expand their scope.

    With Ulayah, we hope to change that. We wanted to focus on female artisans, because women are still less educated, less healthy, and experiencing more violence than their male counterparts. By helping these talented women earn a fair wage, we hope that they can break the cycle of poverty. The goal is to empower many women to have their own money, since in these Berber family, women do not have access to money, which are actually limited to the male head of the household. 

    Ulayah is deeply involved in the fairtrade philosophy by giving full support to many weavers’ associations in order to market their rugs, promote and make them known to the western world. We want to offer a more thoughtful, meaningful and positive way to shop.